What Would (insert name here) Do?

Many years ago I read the book, In His Steps (What Would Jesus Do?) The whole point of the book was, before you make any decision, stop and ask yourself “What would Jesus Do?”

Great concept, but what if you are not a Christian? I assume everyone has a concept of what Jesus was like regardless of whether or not you believe in the supernatural elements of his story, or even if you believe him to be fictional. Boiled down I suppose you are really asking yourself “What is the kindest thing I can do in this situation?”

I broke this concept down a little for myself whilst marathon training. Let me tell you training for a marathon is tough and if, like me, you have motivational issue and running is not a pleasure, you will use any excuse to skip a run. Too wet, too hot, sore knee, sore head, too cold, need to defrost freezer, hang picture almost anything would get in my way. Then I thought…..

What Would Terry Butcher Do? 

This usually came with an inner monologue of “Do you think Terry Butcher would find it too cold you big wimp? I don’t see Terry Butcher stopping for a wee stitch you loser! No Terry would dig in and get on with it.” This was a remarkably good motivational tool for me. For those who don’t know Terry Butcher was a talismanic English Defender who is best remembered for playing on whilst he had a horrific looking head injury.Image

Now trying to live up to Jesus or even in some ways Terry Butcher is a tough task, you are setting the bar pretty high and do you want to be Jesus? Or Terry? or do you want to be the best person you can be?

My philosophy now is more “What would I want me to do?” So many times I feel we let ourselves down with the thoughtless word or the easy lazy choice. I know I do, it’s about raising the bar for yourself, making the tougher choice. Ask yourself, in a perfect world “What Would I Do?”

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3 Responses to What Would (insert name here) Do?

  1. jasontrivium says:

    Thanks so much for following my blog, I followed you back.

    This was an interesting post. So are you a Christian?

  2. wrumbold says:

    No. I believe in many of the teachings of Jesus when it comes to how I interact with people and the world. I do not believe in any of the more mystical elements of the bible.

  3. jasontrivium says:

    That’s interesting. Have you ever read any Christian apologetics books? The reason I ask is because our culture is largely secular, and I know a lot of people are taught the idea of Evolution as if it were a fact. Many people, after being taught Evolution, decide they can’t believe what the Bible says about miracles and Jesus as the Son of God. So I’m curious, do you believe a God created this universe, or do you believe it created itself?

    An online book I’d like to share with you addresses the idea of Evolution, showing it to be false. Biblical creation is shown to be the origin of our universe. Here’s the link:


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