How many penny chews can you get for a Trillion Mr?

Every time I hear them use the word “Trillion” on the news, in relation to debt,  I like to assume they are just lying to me. Because, frankly, the alternative is they are just making words up and nobody actually has a clue what’s going on.

I have yet to hear anyone properly explain who is loaning the money or where they got it from to begin with. I’m beginning to think it doesn’t exist, it’s all starting to feel a little Emperor’s New Clothes to me. Don’t ask and don’t point out the absurdity, just accept. Image

Honestly, if “Gideon” Osborne turned up at your door to borrow your lawnmower, you wouldn’t give him it, because you know he’d rent it out until it was broke and then give you it back with a bill for the petrol he’d used. So who thinks it’s a good idea to lend him “Trillions”, but see if it was all made up you’d be like “Help yourself Gideon, it’s only money.” Wink wink. The fact they loan this amount of money, to a country already in so much debt, proves they don’t expect it back and never really had it in the first place.

Here is my theory.

If the Plumber owes the Butcher £50, and the Butcher owes the Greengrocer £50 and the Greengrocer owes the Plumber £50. Is this £150 worth of debt? £50 worth of debt? or actually no debt? I think this is the crux of the issue, it’s just lies we are being lied to.

It’s time to change things up, because if the banks are in debt and the countries they operate in are in debt and the people that work in these countries are in debt. the system is clearly broken or is it? If we can pay £2,000 for an MP’s floating Duck House, If we can hold a £10 million pound funeral, if we can host a £24 billion Olympics what’s a few £Trillion between friends?

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3 Responses to How many penny chews can you get for a Trillion Mr?

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  2. jasontrivium says:

    I agree that the international economic system is way out of hand. We do have a serious problem, unfortunately, I don’t think there is anyone powerful enough to fix it.

  3. Argus says:

    I read that a US one-dollar note is four thousandths on an inch in thickness. When I first started playing around with this the US National Debt would—at one million dollars a day—have taken about twenty-eight thousand years to pay off. And a pile of dollar notes would reach to the moon and back (dammit, I’ve forgotten how many) a few times.

    We use what is called a ‘fiat’ currency—’money’ with no worth or value. None whatsoever, zug, zero, zilch. Token money, that only the legal tender laws and the military capabilities of the government (USA, UK, France, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, NZ, Ozz, anywhere) force us to use. Not good.

    As for a ‘trillion’ … I have enough trouble visualising a single heap of a million one-pound notes. I go loopy trying to visualise a million of them … with meaningless currency it’s all just a numbers game anyway.

    The answer is simplistic: real money. Gold, silver, cans of sardines, cigarettes … anything at all that people will widely accept and willingly use, that cannot be cheaply counterfeited or ‘printed’ off at whim of government(s).

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