Choosing My Religion

Why do the overwhelming majority of people follow the religion of their parents? If your religion is truly a choice why does this happen?

Surely if all the major religions had the courage of their own convictions, that their religion is indeed the True religion, they would be more open to letting young people find their own way to the truth.

To find the True religion, surely you must study many religions to make a valid choice. How many people who choose to follow one path have been presented with other options? Most options are, path 1 (the religion of your parents.) or path 2 Hell.crossroads.

I often want to question people not on why they chose the religion they did, but why they discounted so many other ones.  Ricky Gervais got me thinking when he said:

“It’s up to you what you believe in. This thing about not believing in God, there are 2,798-odd gods, and if you’re a Christian you believe in one and not all the others.” 

This applies to all religions, if you believe your religion to be true, you are also saying you believe all the others to be false. Now if I am going to tell someone else they are wrong, I better know what I’m talking about.

It all seems a bit tribal, all a bit forced. Sports fans blindly believe their team of having superior qualities, a richer history, more honourable players and more loyal fans than other teams. Nations build a belief about their own people and why they are best, they are harder working, more resilient, better under pressure, nobody’s fools and have a sense of humour through it all. They can’t all be right and religions do the exact same thing.

So teach your children to read, teach them morality, present them with your holy books (if you want), but present them with other people’s holy books, present them with science books. The world can only improve if people have the ability to explain why they believe what they believe.  They may not end up following your religion, but you will have taught them to read, to be moral and to think.

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One Response to Choosing My Religion

  1. Argus says:

    Valid points, good questions. It’s the old heredity/environment thing all over. We have to bear in mind that every sect, every cult, every faith (in fact every religious franchise) is the one-true unique path to the Godhead (and all others false) …

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