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Thinking: Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!

The brain is pretty useless and hard to use. It’s really good at the basics, responding to loud noises and other things that might kill you, it’s not bad at the easy stuff 1+1, 2+2 and the like, but beyond … Continue reading

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20 Questions for God!

I’m writing this as a direct letter to God, the main one, the one of the big three religions (Christianity, Judaism and Islam.) It’s simple I’d like to put 20 short questions to you. Before I start I would like … Continue reading

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John Wayne was my Granda

Confession time I own 96 John Wayne Movies, They look like this on a shelf.   Now 96 dvd’s at £7.99 a pop is a lot of money to spend on anything, but part works just drag you in and … Continue reading

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Buchanan Street! Music, Magic and Mayhem.

Buchanan Street, Glasgow has to be one of my favourite streets ever. Here is why. Clanadonia, fantastic drum and bagpipe band, the loudest thing on the street. Some teenager was told by their beardy leader, “We don’t mind you dancing, … Continue reading

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The country is going down the tubes and it’s all the fault of the Unemployed, lazy layabouts who neither work nor want! Poppycock! Anyone with the least bit of knowledge about Economics knows that the Unemployed fill a vital role … Continue reading

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5 Reasons I am Cheerful!

A friend who reads this blog challenged me the other day. He said he liked the blog but I was always moaning about something, could I not write about something that makes me happy. This was a harder task than … Continue reading

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Bigot in Disguise

The debate about Marriage Equality/Gay Marriage rages on and, quite frankly, it bewilders me that it is even a thing. If 2 men or 2 women want to get married, so what? The Bible says it’s wrong: OK if you believe … Continue reading

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