You Spent it on What?

National Debt seems to be a fact of life. Would it not be better if we had more to show for this debt?

If the country had the same national debt as it does now, but, the National Health Service was wonderful and didn’t have to make heart breaking cuts based on cost, the education system was well financed and open to all, people were helped and supported in finding meaningful long term work and child poverty was unheard of.  My goodness what a better society we would live in.

Everyone seems to blindly accept that this will never happen, they would happily tell you, you are living in a dream world if you believe this.  poppycock

Poppycock, I’m not suggesting we spend any more than we already do, it’s just all about priorities.

If the family next door to you got into debt because they had to feed their family, you would understand it, you would probably do the same in their shoes. Now if the family next door got into debt, because they kept on buying guns and knives, continually spent the food money securing and upgrading these knives and guns. You would most likely have a different opinion of them.


We live in a country, that has stockpiled enough weapons to blow the world up 52 times (a rough estimate.) That is just crazy, nobody needs that many bombs not even the Americans (or Russians) Economically speaking, why not just buy enough bombs to blow the world up once (heck, lets push the boat out, twice.) You could still save Millions, Billions, “trillions” and spend it feeding the hungry and clothing the poor. But, that’s just all pie in the sky, nobody would vote for that.

It’s all about choices.  Who we choose to make decisions and what we choose to allow in our name.

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One Response to You Spent it on What?

  1. Argus says:

    Face it, little minion … YOU don’t have any choice and you don’t have any say. Neither do you make any decisions (unless possibly you are a Swiss in Switzerland). But you DO get to work and pay taxes, for your democratically elected dictators to spend on their lovely bombs and things—in your name of course …

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