The country is going down the tubes and it’s all the fault of the Unemployed, lazy layabouts who neither work nor want! Poppycock!poppycock

Anyone with the least bit of knowledge about Economics knows that the Unemployed fill a vital role in a Capitalist economy. They keep wages low, they let folk tell the working class “your lucky to have a job!” They allow employers to get away with zero-hour contracts and  crappy working conditions.


It’s not the people taking out the system, it’s the people and businesses not putting in.

It’s Vodaphone walking away from a £6 billion tax bill. How many nurses, teachers, politicians would you get for that? Although, to be fair, politicians come cheaply, don’t they Danny Alexander?

Or Wayne Rooney avoiding £600,000 tax due to legal loopholes. How many Scouse scroungers and shirkers could you keep for that? (well, 3 and another one on the way.) coleenColeen, put the brolly down it’s not raining and your hands are full!

Or Amazon who paid only £2.4 million in tax last year on sales of £4.3 Billion, but were given £2.5 million from the Scottish Government to expand. Why do these highly profitable businesses need a grant?

StarBucks, Google, Gary Barlow, Boots, Lester Piggot, Kerry Katona and Al Capone you are the real scroungers, you are what is wrong with this country (especially you Katona!) (not as much you Capone!)


Transparency, simplicity and honesty. As Former Labour chancellor Denis Healy once said that the difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion was ‘the thickness of a prison wall’. Fully available tax returns for all big business operating in Britain. Close the loopholes. Shame and Jail the culprits.

Although considering David Cameron’s dad was one of the first of the rich to move his money out of the country and the PM also appointed Eric Schmidt the head of Google (avoided $60 billion tax worldwide.) as a Business advisor, perhaps it’s not really a problem to worry about, especially if you can blame it all on the working class.

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