Buchanan Street! Music, Magic and Mayhem.

Buchanan Street, Glasgow has to be one of my favourite streets ever. Here is why.SAM_1441

Clanadonia, fantastic drum and bagpipe band, the loudest thing on the street. Some teenager was told by their beardy leader, “We don’t mind you dancing, but if you try to steal a hat again, I’ll boot your arse!” Wonderful! I bought their cd.


The Human Statue still looks great sheltering from the rain.


This was a woman singing “World in Union” for a Breast Cancer Charity.


An American Missionary telling us it was sin awareness day, who knew? He was just saying That his wife kicked him out when she found out he was having an affair. Sin has a price apparently.


Dr Who box, always a highlight.


This man was going to swallow the balloon and then lie on a bed of nails. Magic?


Old Fella #1 the Clarinet


Old Fella #2 The Violin


Old Fella #3 Ukelele (+ matching hat.)


By the time I got back up the top 2nd American Missionary, was now facing a counter protest from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan and also a bit of heckling from a gay couple. Absolutely amazing street.

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6 Responses to Buchanan Street! Music, Magic and Mayhem.

  1. Laurie Gordon says:

    Thanks for that insight to a Glasgow street; loved your comments and photos.. Hehehe!

  2. wrumbold says:

    Thanks a lot. always loved that street.

  3. Is that not spelled Buchanan Street?

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