John Wayne was my Granda

Confession time I own 96 John Wayne Movies, They look like this on a shelf.SAM_1630


Now 96 dvd’s at £7.99 a pop is a lot of money to spend on anything, but part works just drag you in and all of a sudden you are paying £7.99 for a movie that John Wayne was an extra in a crowd scene, it’s black and white, it’s silent, but “The Duke” was an extra… nobody wants a hole that big in their collection.

Why oh Why.

Marion Morrison has been a part of my life as long as I remember. I remember climbing into my Granda’s single chair and gaving him a chorus of “Why is he shooting that man, Granda?” “What’s going to happen now Granda?” “Who is he Granda?” my now exasperated Grandfather usually ended this with “I’m watching it the same as you now sssshhhh!!!!” This was a tradition I kept up until I was about 14 and got to big and pointy to share a chair. So linked is John Wayne and my Mum’s dad, that sometimes when I think back their faces become interchangeable. They looked nothing alike.

SAM_1631here is what 96 John Wayne movies look like in a shower!

The Searchers

Quite frankly the greatest movie ever made, and how the movie snobs hate that it’s a John Wayne Western. I had the great fortune of seeing this on the big screen last year with my Mum, who is also a massive fan (who’d of guessed it?) John Ford’s masterpiece pits Ethan Edwards against the Indians, let’s get this straight it’s not PC but John Wayne shot no “Native Americans” however John Wayne shot loads and loads of Indians.

Ever wondered what 96 John Wayne movies sunbathing looks like? Wonder no more!




The Legacy.

So I have these DVD’s and a 2 year old child, I can’t wait. I have my answers all ready!

“Daddy why is John Wayne wearing yellow make up and dressed like a Mongolian?” It was the 50’s it was acceptable then.

“Daddy, why is that man pretending to wrestle with a garden hose?” It’s a sea monster son.

“Daddy, why did that man just hit that lady and then she kissed him?” Ask your Mum!

“Daddy why don’t they make movies like this any more?” Cos, the world got soft boy, did I ever tell you about my Granda? he won a war!

SAM_163395 John Wayne movies drinking Irn Bru and watching The Searchers.

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3 Responses to John Wayne was my Granda

  1. Irene Foley says:

    Loving reading all your thoughts Billy. I’m a friend of your mum’s and get your blog sent to me on email so keep up the good work. You give me something to think about or, in this case, a good laugh. Thanks.

  2. wrumbold says:

    Thanks Irene, I quite like this outlet for my rants or stories, saves me going outside and howling at the moon.

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