20 Questions for God!

I’m writing this as a direct letter to God, the main one, the one of the big three religions (Christianity, Judaism and Islam.) It’s simple I’d like to put 20 short questions to you. Before I start I would like to admit my ignorance, you’ve probably answered all this before, but you are omnipotent, omniscient and eternal it shouldn’t take you too long. We can have a face to face, I’m visualising a Frost/Nixon affair or you could fill it in at home and drop me off some stone tablets, either way works for me.


  1. Why did you write a book so open to multiple interpretations?
  2. Why does it seem you answer the prayers of millionaire sport stars, whilst ignoring those pertaining to starving children?
  3. You promised, after you killed every living soul on the planet, except Noah’s family, that you would never again flood the world. Surely this just seems like semantics to a man with a foot of water over his head?

    The Rainbow set as the symbol of the Covenant ...

    The Rainbow set as the symbol of the Covenant with Noah after the Great Flood of the Bible. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  4. Why do you allow horrors to be done in your name?
  5. Why does it seem that my mortal mind can imagine a better world than your omnipotent mind can create?
  6. Why did you not just stop Satan when he went off the rails, or indeed at any point throughout history?
  7. Why did you create Satan in the first place knowing what he was going to do?
  8. Where do you come from?
  9. After your resurrection you travelled around appearing to your followers and providing proof. When did Christianity go from an evidence based religion to a faith based religion?
  10. Every time I turn on the news you appear to be losing the battle between good and evil, is this a fair assessment?
  11. How am I supposed to enjoy Heaven whilst my friends and family are burning in Hell?
  12. What’s your opinion on Homosexuality?
  13. Why do women seem to get treated as less than men in your religions?
  14. Why do the religions all seem to have serious sex hangups?
  15. What’s wrong with Bacon?

    English: More pigs!

    English: More pigs! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  16. Male Nipples, just why?
  17. Why if the world is only 7,000 (ish) years old, have you set so many red herrings that would lead people to believe otherwise?
  18. Why the obsession with The Middle East?
  19. If you were starting again would you do things differently?
  20. Why does not one person who reads this, even your most devout followers, believe for a minute that I will get a response to these questions?

I’m not trying to be blasphemous, I’m not trying to bash God. If God created man, he created an inquisitive mind, anyone who has raised a toddler could tell you that. I want there to be a God like the one I was brought up hearing about, the one The Carpenter spoke about, the one who is Love, the one who heals the sick and cares for the poor. Why can’t I see him?



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6 Responses to 20 Questions for God!

  1. CKH888 says:


    I dare you to actually read it [ that means cover to cover, which will take a year ] and not just flip through it then put it down and walk away. Further, I will dare to provoke you with this comment:

    “Real men comprehend the Urantia book and they are rare, rare, rare. 🙂 “

    • wrumbold says:

      I did say I am sure God had answered many of these questions before, but how long would it take for an Omnipotent, omnipresent and eternal being to take the time to repeat himself for me?
      As for that book, yeah sounds interesting, probably won’t read it though don’t like sci Fi books much.

  2. Great questions. Presumably still unanswered?

  3. wrumbold says:

    I object to your use of the word “Real” my questions are real, I’m pretty sure God would not even require Broadband to read this. 😉

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