The Great Royal Mail Robbery!

So the Conservative Government and their lick spittle coalition partners have announced their plans to sell off Royal Mail. 500 years of History and they intend to punt it for purely ideological reasons, or perhaps to make rich bankers and money men even richer, which to be fair is the ideology of the Tory Party.

That’s really the crux of the issue: it’s led by greed. The Vultures are once again circling our country looking to see if there is any meat on the bones they have yet to steal. That’s who is going to buy these shares, bankers and investment funds looking for a quick buck, not normal people. There will be no “tell Sid!” campaign this time. This time they are not advertising the robbery, because they don’t want to share their loot.

Not quite true, they want to give 10% of it to the hard working posties. Only problem is, the postal workers see the £2,000 worth of shares for what it is, a sordid bribe, a bung, a back hander slipped to a night watchman to look the other way whilst a robbery takes place. 96% in the CWU ballot have told them to stick it.


I work for Royal Mail and I, like the people who work beside me, are proud to work for a public service. We know our company is not perfect, but it is better than anything else out there and it is certainly better than it will be if shareholders are siphoning off the profits. Weekly if not daily, one of the guys I work with will come back with a story of helping someone out, finding keys, push starting cars or even just knowing the correct number someone lives at on a wrongly addressed card. One of us got a lovely letter from a woman after giving her first aid after she lost the top of her finger in a car door and another was invited to The Queen’s Garden Party after pulling a woman from her burning car, taking her to the local Police Station then continuing on his round.

It’s not old fashioned to believe a public service shouldn’t have to earn money for 3rd parties. It’s not old fashioned to believe Royal Mail means something to communities and society and it’s not old fashioned for workers to refuse bribes for the greater good (despite how Tories think, that’s not what drives us all.)


Privatisation is a race to the bottom. First we will lose Saturday deliveries, then goes daily deliveries to outlying areas, then goes the Universal Service (one price for the whole of the UK.)  Royal Mail won’t be a service any more, it will be a teat for Robber Barons to suckle on and their thirst for money is insatiable

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3 Responses to The Great Royal Mail Robbery!

  1. Irene Foley says:

    Billy, my dad was a postman for I’d say about 30 years, trudging the streets of Braeside. He knew every man, woman, child and even dog. The dogs would normally follow him for a while so he always had company.. He knew who a letter was meant for even if it was addressed incorrectly and I’m sure many people waited for him on a daily basis, quite possibly in the case of the elderly, the only person they might speak to during the day. Rain, hail, sleet or snow, he was out there making sure the mail got through.
    I told him if he came to Australia to live, he’d have an easy time as mail isn’t delivered straight to the door and he’d be riding a little motor bike to do it which postmen are legally allowed to ride on the footpath to get to the mailboxes. He rode motor bikes in Greenock for years but not when delivering mail of course. He loved being outdoors and we always commented he was built like a greyhound with all that walking….not to mention the speed he did it. We kids had to run alongside him when going for a walk anywhere.
    History means nothing when there’s money to be made – unfortunately, we see it all the time these days.

  2. John Thwaites says:

    As a postman of 35 year whole heartily agree with your comments. When I join the customer was everything quality of service was king. Now it’s dash for cash by a government who don’t give a crap for the electors.
    I feel so sorry for the poor sods who will have to deliver if Royal Mail is privatised when rural areas are screwed up for economic reasons.

  3. paul flint says:

    I am a rural postman and am proud to be one but we can all see what is going to happen.They say the universal service is protected but only for so many years,shareholders are not bothered about customers just profits .

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