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Craft Fairs have got me sold.

How often do we get the opportunity to buy something from the person who produced it? Recently I have been getting a big kick out of doing just this. I get so frustrated with the many soulless ways I have … Continue reading

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3 Photos that make me think I am on the wrong planet.

Sometimes I see a picture and think, “I have no words” or “I’m not sure what words mean any more” or just “Really? Folk do that?” The Prime Minister   This is David Cameron standing in front of a golden … Continue reading

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Scottish Independence in 5 points

I have to admit, I grew up thinking that Scottish Independence would be the greatest thing since sliced bread. Then I started to realise, it’s a bit like separating conjoined twins, it’s not as simple as putting Rabbie Burns head … Continue reading

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5 new things I do, since becoming a parent.

Pretend to be a Pirate. My life at the moment seems to be a whirlwind of Hoover attachment swords, shouts of “Ahoy there!” and being forced to walk the plank. I’m frequently called an “Old Codfish” (Peter Pan uses this … Continue reading

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Russell Brand I like you, but you’re wrong!

Russell Brand is fantastic on television, he speaks with a level of wordsmithery (curiously enough, not a word!)which is unrivalled in it’s sheer entertainment value, his verbosity and use of language has me reaching for my Collins Concise Dictionary whilst … Continue reading

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