Russell Brand I like you, but you’re wrong!

Russell Brand is fantastic on television, he speaks with a level of wordsmithery (curiously enough, not a word!)which is unrivalled in it’s sheer entertainment value, his verbosity and use of language has me reaching for my Collins Concise Dictionary whilst at the same time nodding, laughing and muttering “There you go!” “Exactly” or “You tell ’em!”

However, a few weeks ago he was interviewed by Paxman on Newsnight and whilst he was at his eloquent free-ranging best he told Paxman that he did not vote, had never done so and would encourage others not to. This albeit well argued point riled me, because despite his reasoning being sound I believe he comes to the wrong conclusion.

It has taken me almost 2 weeks to solidify my response:

I was trying my best to word it then came across this.


Pericles said this 500 years before Christ and it is still as true today as it was then.

Brand does a disservice to his 7.2 million twitter followers and to the many millions who watched his Newsnight appearance and  facilitated in it going viral, by encouraging them not to vote. He should have went the other way, he should have used it as his call to arms. Young people in this country (of which Brand garners most of his fans) have been massively let down, the 2 generations that preceded them have through a combination of greed, mismanagement and wilful neglect have managed to destroy their futures.

They were handed a dream for an National Health Service which they have all but destroyed. They sold the family silver (oil, gas, electric, trains, post the list goes on) to fund their cheap mortgages, their retiring at 55 and their seemingly perpetual wars.

The generation that are in their teens and 20’s today are facing student debt like never before, no real industry to employ them and when they eventual do find work, working until they are 68. They have been subdued by a cocktail of drugs, drink, television and a worsening education system.

Brand should have used his appearance as a rallying call. White Middle-aged men have failed, the country is broken, the world is broken. Don’t wait until you can no longer think outside of the box and are in fact trapped in a box before getting involved in politics. It’s up to young people in this country to oust the leaders who care so little about them, it’s time to install young people into those positions.

Don’t patronise people in their 20’s they are not the future, they are the now. They are Now enough when it comes to fighting wars, they sure as hell are now enough to start leading the country, they couldn’t do a worse job.

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2 Responses to Russell Brand I like you, but you’re wrong!

  1. I agree with everything you said wholeheartedly. I know a lot of people who seem to take an instant disliking to Russell Brand, even recovering drug addicts who themselves can be annoying but I do think he is somewhat entertaining, funny at times and altogether less annoying than many other people I’ve seen in this world. I even remember him back in his MTV presenting days struggling to get the fancy words out which in itself was quite laughable. He could have used his time on Paxman better to tell the young ones how to use their votes strategically and make them count, as opposed to simply throwing them away, expecting it to shock the system and bring it to a stand-still. If you don’t like the current government there is always a tendancy to vote the opposite side, or possibly an alternative party to form a coalition such as we have now. Also, politics is an ongoing affair and debate or negotiation doesn’t just stop simply because one side or another is voted into power. Quite simply the younger generation should be encouraged to take an interest in politics and be more engaging with it. I think Brand’s heart might actually be in the right place but his mind is somewhere else.

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