3 Photos that make me think I am on the wrong planet.

Sometimes I see a picture and think, “I have no words” or “I’m not sure what words mean any more” or just “Really? Folk do that?”

The Prime Minister



This is David Cameron standing in front of a golden chair, reading a speech from a golden lectern, with a lady sitting beside him on a golden throne wearing a golden necklace, the table in front of him has a golden goblet and a golden statue of The Queen, the topic of his speech, tightening our belts and a reduction of the welfare state. Everything in the room is golden, except perhaps Dave’s neck, that’s Brass.

Miley Cyrus



I don’t know what this photo is meant to be, I’m assuming it’s a sexy thing. If my better half walked into the living room right now wearing a vest and licking my claw hammer, I’d assume she’d went mental. The other thing that strikes me, I used to use a sledge hammer a fair bit at work and my nails never looked that good, I don’t think she knows how to use it properly. I feel old.

Big Brave Hunters



This really freaked me out, I didn’t know people still did this kind of thing, I imagined that only bad poachers did. I thought the “Let’s go and kill endangered species, before they run out of them” style family holiday was confined to the history books. A throw back to Victorian Colonialism and only available to view in old sepia photos. I don’t think I know the world as well as I think I do. 

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2 Responses to 3 Photos that make me think I am on the wrong planet.

  1. juliamichell says:

    Wait a minute, how old am I? Really??

  2. M E Corby says:

    The bad news about elephants is that the death toll is rising and stocks are being depleted.

    What makes people think that their elephant’s foot umbrella stand will attract approbation is beyond me. Even worse are gorilla hands used as ash trays.

    I am reminded of Gandhi’s response when he was asked “What do you think of Western Civilisation?”

    He responded, “I think it will be a very good idea.”

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