Craft Fairs have got me sold.

How often do we get the opportunity to buy something from the person who produced it? Recently I have been getting a big kick out of doing just this. I get so frustrated with the many soulless ways I have to spend my money.

There is something truly beautiful about a Craft Fair. People create something and then they put it on a table in front of them and hope it catches someone’s eye. They all seem prepared to chat and to tell you what inspired them and go into the details of their work.

Despite the fear this is going to come across as just a big advert, I’m going to give a few examples, with the intention of inspiring future gift ideas (or even for yourself.)

I buy over 500 comics a year and one of the ones that struck me most was by a Glasgow guy called Neil Slorance who wrote his own, had the courage to sit behind it and sold it to me himself. I bumped into him at another Fair and ended up buying Christmas cards from him, because they were just so cool.


I recently bought a lovely boy pirate painting from Audrey Allan, for my one year old nephew’s bedroom wall. Audrey also does wall hangings and tree decorations.

I bought myself a Braveheart Lego sketch from Garry Robertson, he takes all sorts of commissions and has a cracking catalogue of work to look through.


I discovered just the other day that fellow blogger Louise Mills does the most fantastic linen pieces, purses, table mats and Christmas tree decorations.

Literally endless amounts of local people selling their art, taking commissions and making whatever you want. Guaranteed, locally there will be someone selling their wares on Facebook or through Etsy  which is another newish discovery of mine, a place on the web where people can sell their unique goods, it’s amazing.

I’m fed up spending all my hard earned money in big impersonal husks, giving it to people who have no more desire than me to actually be there. I live in the real world and understand that the practicalities of modern life dictate that, these are places I have to go.

However, when it comes to gifts and some of the nicer things in life, John Lewis and M&S have enough money and dead artists don’t need to eat. Instead find someone who created something special and thank them for it. It will be some of the best transactions you ever make.

It’s not a new way, it’s a rediscovery of an old way, a better way.

If you liked this have a look at for more of the same.

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2 Responses to Craft Fairs have got me sold.

  1. Good man! Supporting someone who makes and sells their own stuff is a great idea. I bought a Harris Tweed kindle cover from a crafts-person and some cards & art from a local artist. You are supporting someone who probably makes much less than a waged 9~5er and works harder. And appreciates the support more.

  2. sewcherry says:

    I agree, I have been making Handmade for many years now, and have noticed a huge amount of talented people making and selling their wares. This is the way forward as Handmade has come around full circle. The items I make do involve a lot of thought and are unique one offs,

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