UK (not) OK! Part 1

Imagine if you will, slaving over Christmas Dinner with all the trimmings 3, 4 or even 5 courses. At the end of the meal your guests turn around and tell you it was “OK!” How would you feel? Disappointed? Angry? Like you’d just wasted your time? Frankly Ok! means mediocre, it means plodding along. There is nothing special with Ok! (even with an exclamation mark.)


But, OK! is not good enough. Nobody wants OK! They want Great, they want Excellent. OK! is blah, OK! is “It’ll do!” The No! Campaign could have used the “Great” in Britain and built upon that, but you have to imagine that even they know they couldn’t have got away with using the word Great to describe this country today.  So they choose OK! hoping that they could force that word through, with the added bonus that it rhymed (Genius!)

But, OK! is not good enough, nobody wants OK! They want Great, they want Excellent. OK! is blah, OK! is “It’ll do!”

We want better than just OK! We deserve better than OK!

I would argue however, that this union is not even OK! It’s not even close to OK! In fact I don’t think UK OK! would pass the scrutiny of the Advertising Standards Agency.

Exhibit A

My local primary school is collecting food to distribute to people who can’t afford to feed their families. This is not OK!

Exhibit B

The Red Cross has put in place procedures to feed the hungry in this country for the first time since WWII. Who in their right minds would describe this as OK!?

Exhibit C

Experts writing in the British Medical Journal have stated that Hunger in this country has reached the level of Public Health Emergency. Most certainly not OK!


So when it comes time to cast your vote, by all means vote No! if you want, but don’t lie to yourself that you’re doing it because everything is OK! as it is, because it’s far from OK!

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One Response to UK (not) OK! Part 1

  1. Graeme MacMaster says:

    Spot on

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