An open letter to Rolf Harris.

Dear Mr Harris,

This is the second time I’ve written to you, I was a wee boy when I wrote for an autograph the first time, you probably don’t remember I’m sure you got loads, I probably called you Rolf, I’m not comfortable with that anymore.

You were wonderful, I regarded you as the greatest entertainer of your generation, there seemed to be nothing you could not do, that people did not love. You were the gateway to cartoons as I grew up, in a time when cartoons were a rare treat.

I remember feeling a righteous indignation when the talentless bum that was not fit to tie your laces, Lenny “I got a laugh in the 80’s, once” Henry cut you short at the Queen’s Jubilee show. I bought your 3 cd greatest hits CD, it was a marvel, you were a marvel.

Then the rumours started and I thought NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I couldn’t believe it, I was dismayed, there must be a mistake, it must just be folk trying to be funny, but they persisted.

When the finger of accusation pointed at the others, Saville, Clifford, Starr, Davidson etc etc etc, I admit I was happy enough to condemn them without much evidence, they have always been a bit creepy a bit suspect, none of them were a national treasure.

Now daily we have the unedifying spectacle of an 84 year old man being tried very publicly for the most heinous of crimes, your life has become a very real panto. I can’t watch the news, I can’t read the papers about you, I admit it hurts.

It hurts because I don’t know what counts anymore, my wee boy wasn’t a very good sleeper and the one thing I found that could help settle him was me singing ” two little boys.” later when I was looking after him alone, if I stuck the video on You Tube, I’d have  3 mins 20 seconds to jump in a shower and know that he was still enraptured and hadn’t moved.  It’s all tainted now, when I recount these cherished family memories, do I stop at the bit where you were revealed as a molester and abuser of children?

I know my feelings of hurt is nothing compared to what your victims must feel, I know we shouldn’t get too involved in celebrity culture as so many seem to have feet of clay, but I’d have thought you would have been a pretty safe bet. Perhaps that was part of the problem.

I find it a horrid revelation that all the joy you tried to bring to people’s lives has been turned into sadness. Everything about you now is covered in a heavy blanket of sadness.



A Boy then a Man who used to idolise you.

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8 Responses to An open letter to Rolf Harris.

  1. shadedfaces says:

    Like you I could not believe it when the accusations against Rolf Harris became public. I thought it must just be a witch hunt, going through all the celebrities of that era one by one. What a sad story it turned out. Pity it isn’t just that, a story. We are turning into a depraved and deprived society, where nobody can trust anyone anymore.

  2. I’m with you all the way on this. Of a similar age and remembering watching Rolf Harris (the name is even hard to write) perform his painting tricks – and then much later a fabulous painting of the Queen. It is all quite unbelievably sad.

  3. Iris Walls says:

    I met Rolf Harris in 1968…..a perfect gentleman! We have to remember that girls do throw themselves at celebrities….we also must remember that there’s hardly a bloke alive who hasn’t nudged up against a female! Yeah let’s all get into the suing culture….that’s what it’s all about! Somebody winked at me a few data ago! What should I do?

    • wrumbold says:

      He admitted in court being sexually attracted to a 13 year old girl. I think his crimes are a little more than nudging

    • Phil Boswell says:

      What should you do? Maybe you should avoid making a right Horlicks of yourself by assigning blame to the victims of a convicted offender, at least one of which wasn’t even a teenager at the time.

      Dare one assume that when you met him, you weren’t quite so young, and therefore out of his target group?

    • Weegiewarbler says:

      Woah! Really? You chose to blame the victim rather than the confessed molester? You need to take a long look in the mirror and reassess your attitudes. Sad to say, people with your attitude continue to protect paedophiles …

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