The penny may never drop

I attended an Independence debate last night. It wasn’t as much the debate that got me thinking, it was a confrontation I saw at the door on the way out that sparked my interest.

A guy was handing out copies of The Wee Blue Book, a woman and a local Tory Councillor charged over in a rage. “You can’t hand things out here, it was agreed with the SNP, no leafleting!” The guy handing out the books tried to explain that he had nothing to do with the SNP and had just done it off his own bat. The woman couldn’t be convinced, she was SNP this, SNP that. It was then that the penny dropped, she genuinely doesn’t realise what is happening in this country. I thought back to Jim Murphy going on about a coordinated attack against him, he’s not figured it out either.


People in this country have engaged like never before, some in a positive way (handing out books), some in a more negative manner (shouting down opponents), but these are people who have never taken an interest before, people who don’t speak the political language, people with no political affiliation, people who for the first time are finding a political voice.

They are people who refuse to be labeled, they are not anti-English – my local Yes Shop is often staffed by English people, they balk at the title Nationalists. Instead, they seek normalisation and democracy for their country. They are basing their future on a civic rather than ethnic identity, in a way that the old guard could never understand.

This is not about career politicians slugging it out, this is not Red v Blue v Yellow, it’s not the same old faces, it is new faces,  it’s Radical Independence, it’s Wings Over Scotland, it’s National Collective, it’s Bella Calledonia.

New heroes have risen, not to make a few bucks or keep their jobs, but because they cannot keep silent. People like Dr Phillipa Whitford, Cat Boyd and perhaps most importantly, everyone who has urged their friends to ask them questions, everyone who has written a testimony on facebook, everyone who left their comfort zone to knock a door or sit in a shop answering questions.

Radical Independence Campaign mass canvassing in support of Scottish independence, in the Gorbals, Glasgow, Scotland, Sunday 22nd June 2014.

This is what Jim Murphy, the local Tory Councillor and the angry lady ranting about the SNP will never understand. The rules have changed, their labels don’t stick, your party politics are not applicable. Scotland is awake like never before. There is a groundswell from the pubs, to the workplaces, from the homes, to the street.  People want something better than Westminster can offer.

Visions of the future like Common Weal, Blossom and Scotland’s Future are enlivening debate and emboldening people to think other ways are possible and most importantly, ANOTHER SCOTLAND IS POSSIBLE.

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15 Responses to The penny may never drop

  1. Sam says:

    Very well said, simple and to the point, quite refreshing.
    I witnessed this incident also and was surprised and also quite disappointed that he was basically chased out of the building, I really wanted to check one of these books!

  2. Margaret Brogan says:

    I didn’t realise that this had happened last night, but wonder if there had been the same response to the person giving out the NHS leaflets.
    I am disturbed by the growing use of the term British National Health Service. Brian Wilson used it several times last night and so did Alex Gallagher tonight. Having worked in the NHS I’d never heard it referred to in this way before and wonder if this is an attempt at creeping normalisation of the term to soften up the concept of the always separate identities. Identities are problematic in this campaign with us all being labelled “nationalist”, whether we are or not.

  3. Marian says:

    Spot on comments regarding Westminster’s continuing strategy of scaring voters with their Big Lies.

    It appears that Westminster has calculated that there isn’t enough Undecided/Don’t Know voters left for YES to win with as long as NO can continue to scare and hold on to those core NO voters that they have had all along.

    This is why Project Fear has tried to smear the YES campaign with their Big Lie about “intimidation”, and continued with their Big Lies over currency and the EU and pensions in recent days.

    The YES campaign know this which is why pushing forward Patrick Harvie and Elaine C Smith at last night’s debate in order to demonstrate that the YES campaign is a broad based church and not just AlicSammin and “Nationalists” was so important.

    It is also why it is imperative that YES supporters re-double their efforts to convert the soft NO vote at the edges of the NO core vote, to vote YES.

  4. yesguy says:

    I think this article hits the nail on the head . Even after a YES there will still be those who don’t get it. Shame tho, they are missing the re-birth of not only a nation but ideas, what’s more they are arguing old news and offer nothing in return.

    I pity them, YES Scotland.


  5. Murray McCulloch says:

    So at the first Scottish general election it’s back to normal with all the parties

  6. Steve Bowers 74% win says:

    Sad news folks, Wee Ginger Dug…. Pauls partner Andy died this morning, unfortunately he didn’t make it to vote. Much love to Paul for keeping up his blog through it all, it must have been incredibly difficult for him.

  7. Margaret morrison says:

    Poor Paul, it is hard and it takes a long time to come to terms with it, but I’m sure he’ll get there,with the help of his friends and family, god bless you Paul.

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  9. 8in8 says:

    Thank you
    Blog fantastic
    Good luck

  10. John Murray says:

    This article adds to the abundant evidence about what’s going on. The phenomenon is well documented in the book called ‘Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds’. It is an irrational belief that the world has changed, or is about to change, fundamentally and for ever. It always ends in a spectacular crash. Last time it took hold in Scotland was the Darien Scheme.

    • wrumbold says:

      Can’t be much of a phenomenon if it only occurs in our country every 300 years or so. How can they be so sure of the data, from such a small sample and in a different style society???

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