The Last Supper

I probably wasn’t going to write about Independence again, then I was asked by a person who likes my Universal Service facebook page, to write him a blog for the Wednesday morning before the Referendum entitled The Last Supper. So, apparently I now do requests! Hope you enjoy what I came up with.
From my very first meeting at my local Yes shop, it’s been hard to ignore the similarities with the church groups of my youth. The friendliness, the outreach programme, the evangelical zeal and even the rag tag collection of chairs. I’ve watched the shop grow and the congregation swell over the last months and weeks. It’s this that sprung to mind when I was asked to write a piece called “The Last Supper.”

Now, with the polls opening in less than 36 hours, I find myself sitting reflecting on what we as a nation have been through and our two possible futures.

One in which the rich will continue to get richer, the poor will continue to get hammered and the people in the middle will get squeezed even more, but at least they can guarantee they will get squeezed in £’s and in full solidarity with the English Working Classes.

The Future we have been trying to sell, is socially just, it gives our children the opportunity to find a decent well paid job in their own community, without having to move abroad. It helps prevent 30 somethings continually having to put their hands out to the bank of Mum and Dad, because their wages don’t go far enough. We put Bairns before Bombs and People before Profit.


The heartbreaking thing is, we have worked hard, but if we fail to persuade enough of our fellow citizens to buy into our dream, we have to go back into the box with them. To have our wings clipped after such dreams will be a bitter pill to swallow. No amount of extra powers or “devo max” could possibly replace the Hope that would be lost.


I don’t think this evangelism should have been so hard, the UK is most certainly not OK and some of the harrowing tales emerging from our many Food Banks should be testimony in themselves. However, apparently large numbers of Scots have forgotten what the financial institutions and banks did to the world a few years ago and now act as if they are experts and an opinion to be trusted.

The worst thing of this campaign has been the loss of the BBC. I go to a lot of football matches. If the ref is bad, that’s one thing (he’s bad for both sides.) However if he is unfair or obviously biased that’s a problem. The behaviour and obvious bias displayed by the BBC above all else has been the saddest revelation.

Tomorrow, we do not Vote Yes in remembrance of Wallace or Bruce or Burns, we do it not looking back but looking forward and we do it with silent prayer that enough of us have realised that ANOTHER SCOTLAND IS POSSIBLE.

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