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I Want to be Labour, I should be Labour, I’m not Labour.

I received a ballot paper for the Scottish Labour Leadership Election due to my membership in the Labour Affiliated Communication Workers Union (CWU). I didn’t use it. There was a wee bit I had to tick that asked me if … Continue reading

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I Hate Foodbanks (and so should you.)

I have problems with almost everything to do with foodbanks. I dislike the fact that the Trussell Trust describe their model as “scaleable” and use words like “franchise”.  This is the language of business, this is the language of permanence. … Continue reading

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My Recovery through movie, music and homespun philosophy.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I was on my knees, literally and figuratively, in the early hours of Friday morning. It didn’t last too long, as I sat a day in the pits of despair chinks of light started … Continue reading

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The Last Supper

I probably wasn’t going to write about Independence again, then I was asked by a person who likes my Universal Service facebook page, to write him a blog for the Wednesday morning before the Referendum entitled The Last Supper. So, … Continue reading

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The penny may never drop

I attended an Independence debate last night. It wasn’t as much the debate that got me thinking, it was a confrontation I saw at the door on the way out that sparked my interest. A guy was handing out copies … Continue reading

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An open letter to Rolf Harris.

Dear Mr Harris, This is the second time I’ve written to you, I was a wee boy when I wrote for an autograph the first time, you probably don’t remember I’m sure you got loads, I probably called you Rolf, … Continue reading

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If I’m a One Hit Wonder, I’m cool with that!

I started writing Universal Service as a creative outlet and also as a way of putting order to my own thoughts. Never did I imagine I would have had 163,151 visitors, but that’s not really the whole story – 151,317 … Continue reading

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