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H E Double Hockey Sticks

When I was 15-17 I seriously thought I wanted to be a Minister, I looked at Biblical Study courses when it was time to leave High School, I read quite a lot of Christian books  (I even understood some.) and … Continue reading

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20 Questions for God!

I’m writing this as a direct letter to God, the main one, the one of the big three religions (Christianity, Judaism and Islam.) It’s simple I’d like to put 20 short questions to you. Before I start I would like … Continue reading

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Bigot in Disguise

The debate about Marriage Equality/Gay Marriage rages on and, quite frankly, it bewilders me that it is even a thing. If 2 men or 2 women want to get married, so what? The Bible says it’s wrong: OK if you believe … Continue reading

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Choosing My Religion

Why do the overwhelming majority of people follow the religion of their parents? If your religion is truly a choice why does this happen? Surely if all the major religions had the courage of their own convictions, that their religion … Continue reading

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What Would (insert name here) Do?

Many years ago I read the book, In His Steps (What Would Jesus Do?) The whole point of the book was, before you make any decision, stop and ask yourself “What would Jesus Do?” Great concept, but what if you … Continue reading

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